Courses Taught:

Biogeography (GEO4300/GEO5305)

This course examines biogeographic patterns and processes at different spatial and temporal scales to demonstrate the dynamic properties that structure life on earth, including exploring how biogeographic insights can be applied to predict and manage how biodiversity and ecosystem services might change in the future (e.g., from climate change) and to improve conservation.


Marine Conservation: Science, Management and Policy (GEO4392/GEO5393)

This course provides an overview of the major conservation issues in coastal and marine systems worldwide, including the science, management and policy dimensions of marine conservation.  The course focuses on understanding biodiversity loss and altered ecosystem states in the oceans; examining the predominant threats to marine ecosystems (including climate change, natural resource extraction, and management failures); and exploring an array of solutions, including science, economic, management and policy tools.


Professional Development for Careers as Geographers (GEO6093)

This course is designed to prepare Geography graduate students for professional life after graduate school, building the skills and knowledge required to secure and sustain a career in academia or other career pathways.