Welcome to the Lester Lab

The Lester Lab has an interdisciplinary research program addressing questions related to coastal and marine natural resource management, marine conservation science, ecosystem sustainability, and marine biogeography. We engage in collaborative projects with academic and non-academic researchers, NGOs, government entities, and stakeholders around the world. 

Prospective Graduate Students:

If you are interested in joining the lab as a graduate student, please read up on the FSU Geography graduate program to see if it sounds like a good match for your interests. Then send Sarah an email with a short description of your research interests and attach your CV.  We look for intellectually curious and creative students with a passion for interdisciplinary research to better understand and solve challenges facing ocean ecosystems.  Our lab culture is built around respect, collaboration, and having fun while you're working hard. 

Contact Details:

Sarah E. Lester, PhD

Email:  ~  Office: 303 Bellamy Building  ~  Sarah's Department Webpage