Research Themes:


Marine Protected Areas     


Fishery Assessment and Sustainability


Tradeoff Analysis for Spatial Planning


Coupled Natural - Human Systems

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Marine Aquaculture


Marine Biogeography


Current Projects:

  1. Blue Halo Initiative and Vava'u Ocean Initiative (Collaboration with Sustainable Fisheries Group-UCSB and the Waitt Institute; Funded by the Waitt Foundation).

  2. Multiscale dynamics of coral reef fisheries: feedbacks between fishing practices, livelihood strategies, and shifting dominance of coral and algae (Collaboration with Rassweiler Lab-FSU, UC Santa Barbara, and San Diego State University; Funded by the NSF CNH program).

  3. Developing an integrated monitoring and assessment framework for evaluating ecosystem service outcomes from seagrass restoration in the Gulf of Mexico (Collaboration with Rassweiler Lab-FSU; Funded by the NASEM Gulf Research program).

  4. A multidisciplinary analysis of the spatial patterns of marine aquaculture development (Funded by the NSF GSS program).